The Loneliness of the Lone Kool-Aid Pickle

First off, if you can guess what song I am referencing, I will just be flat out tickled.

Okay, so Kool-Aid pickles. I know I have been teasing you all for about a week regarding these darn things, but believe me the wait was worth it.

I used this recipe to make them, but I tweaked it a little bit. I used:
-Cheap store brand dill pickle spears (24 oz. jar)
-One package of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid mix
-¾ cup of Sugar in the Raw
-Enough water to fill the jar without it spilling over, but enough to cover all of the pickles

I also shook the jar several times during the days they were pickling.

These babies sat in the fridge for thirteen days. I think that’s what made them so tasty. I also think the flavor of Kool-Aid makes a difference. Tropical Punch has always been my favorite.

Now, let’s move on to the taste test. The aroma is delightful. The smell brought me back to a time of scraped knees and Kool-Aid moustaches. Considering how “creatively” I ate as a child, had I known about these over twenty years ago, I would have made them.

I used the cheaper pickles in case they turned out gross. I didn’t want to waste my expensive organic ones. I think the cheap pickles make a difference. Usually cheap pickles are a soggy, tasteless disappointment, but when you pickle them with Kool-Aid, the flavor is out of this world!

For the record, I pretty much hate sweet pickles. However, these have a taste that is not too sweet and has just enough of a dill tang to be satisfying. Crisp and delicious, these pickles are juicy and full of flavor. They are not high fructose syrup-y like most other sweet pickles.

I would recommend making these to anyone. I encourage you to follow my tweaking if you don’t like super sugary foods. This is the perfect ratio for a sweet, yet tangy treat!

I am bringing them to work today for my co-workers to sample. I am an AM radio disc jockey and I have mentioned these pickles on the air. Since doing so, I have had listeners stop by the station or stop me in public to ask how they turned out. Today they will get their answer.

Speaking of work, I am back to working full time for the next few months. I have been quite busy, which explains the lack of updates. But, when I return later this week, I promise I will show you all how to make my “It’s a Sham!” salad sandwiches, a treat for all of you who miss eating ham salad sandwiches.

Have a great day and keep cooking!

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  1. the loneliness of a middle-distance runner?
    ok so i left this comment on the feed on the lj but i didn’t know if you checked the comments on there for this blog?

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