Triple decker grilled stilton and pickle sandwich.

Hi!  We have been back from England for almost two weeks, yet I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to update ye olde blog.  If you click my Flickr widget on this page, you can see the photos of my trip and the photos I took at the Sherlock Holmes museum.  Also, the October project is still continuing.

England was so much fun!  We got to hang out with great friends- both old and new, see some great sights, and eat some tasty food.  I hope to replicate some of them in the future, especially, the Sunday roast and the Cornish pasty.  OMG.  Cornish pasty.

While over in England, I became quite addicted to the to go sandwiches offered at places like Tesco and Sainsburys.  I loved the cheese and pickle sandwiches so much that when we needed to make dinner on the night we got back from London, I went to the local shop and bought some good cheese (red Leicester) and hard rolls and used our hosts pickle and salad cream to make us a few sandwiches.  I fell in love with the pickle so hard, that it kind of became a running joke for the whole week.  I brought back a squeezy container of the stuff in my suitcase and shipped three stateside.  You can’t find it in the grocery stores in the States, so when I run out, I will either have to order it online or hit up a local tea room that stocks British foods.  Our other speciality store that usually carried this sort of thing closed about a year ago.  Viva The Grand Onion!

I found it amazing that, as a vegetarian, I could go in to the grocery store and just pick up a to go sandwich without worrying about if it contained meat.  I also appreciated the large “V” marked on all things vegetarian.  Come on American stores, wake up to the veggie revolution!

Anyway, the majority of the sandwiches come with mayo.  Now, I hate mayo, or at least American mayo.  I actually quite liked the salad cream.  I think it is because the salad cream tastes a lot like Vegenaise, kind of sweet and tangy.  So with my newfound love of “salad cream” (or in my case vegan mayo) and a burgeoning obsession with Branston Pickle , I have created a version of a triple-decker sandwich that is not for the faint of heart.

The picture does not do this sandwich justice.  It was simply delicious.

Now, I don’t have a real recipe for this so bear with me.  This was a slap dash meal made to fill our bellies.

Mix about a half-cup of crumbled Stilton with about three tablespoons vegan mayo, sprinkling a little fresh ground pepper and garlic powder in the mix.

Butter a baking sheet and place four slices of good, dark bread on the sheet.  Spread about a tablespoon and a half of the cheese and vegan mayo mixture on each slice.  Next, squirt some Branston pickle on each slice, spreading it around a little to fully cover the bread.

Put the open-faced sandwiches in the over on about 275 degrees for a few minutes, just long enough for the mixture to get melty and gooey.  Take the pan out and put a slice of bread on two of the open faced sandwiches and stick them back in for a bit, so they get a little toasted.

Take the sandwiches out, place the remaining open-faced slices on the other sandwiches, and there you have it, a triple-decker grilled Stilton and pickle sandwich!

When we meet again, I will give you my recipe for an autumn pizza that is just delightful.  Until then, have a great day and keep cooking!

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