Hi, how are you?

Well, my hiatus lasted longer than I expected. I have missed this blog and although I don’t have a recipe to post tonight, I just wanted to stop in with an update.

I still haven’t been cooking much, but I have a few ideas that should be up very soon, including homemade croutons, spicy sweet jalapeno vinaigrette, and green bean and mushroom pot pie.

One thing I am dying to make is cranberry nachos. I had a flash of brilliance around Christmas and came up with the recipe. I froze the remainder of the cranberry tangerine relish I made and I hope to make them this weekend. If you have some leftover cranberry relish you froze or an errant bag of cranberries in your freezer, then this is the snack for you.  Keep your eyes peeled for the post, most likely on Sunday.

Well, gang, I am off to make tortellini with my Mom’s homemade sauce for dinner, but I promise to have a real food update this week.

Have a great night and keep cooking!

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