Sandwich 30

Well kids, this is it, the 30th sandwich. I have completed my mission and I am satisfied. There were a lot of great suggestions from my readers that I didn’t get a chance to make, but I hope to make them all sooner than later. A few days before I started this project, I wrote […]

Sandwich 29

I went to The Great Adirondack Soup Company again for lunch today. This time I got the The Tree Hugger’s Delight which according to the website is a “house prepared hummus wrap with alfalfa sprouts and a mango-curry sauce.” Again, all of the sandwiches here are served with tortilla chips, salsa and a pickle. I […]

Sandwich 28

I haven’t had a real deal breakfast sandwich in over ten years. I loathe eggs, so even going somewhere and getting a breakfast sandwich sans meat isn’t really an option. All I am left with is an English muffin topped with cheese. No fun. I decided to make breakfast sandwiches for me and Mark this […]

Sandwich 27

When I was a little girl, I hated to eat breakfast. So, to appease and feed bratty little me, my mom would make me a cheese sandwich for breakfast. It had to be yellow American cheese, a lot of yellow mustard, and white bread. Day in and day out, I ate cheese sandwiches for breakfast, […]

Sandwich #26

Well, we are coming to the last week of sandwich month. I must admit, I am kinda sick of bread. So, I picked up some Joseph’s Middle East Bakery Lavash Bread. This sandwich is filled with greens, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, oil cured olives, feta cheese, and a squirt of Italian dressing. A […]