Sandwich #25

Today I decided to run up to Conroy’s Organics for my sandwich. I got the Greek salad made into a wrap.

It has feta, hummus, green peppers, red onions, greens, cucumbers, olives, and tomatoes. Very tasty and very filling. I still have half of in the fridge for tomorrow. If you are local, you should check out Conroy’s Organics. Next time I might get the grilled cheese with red onion and spinach. Yum.

Have a great night friends and be safe!

Sandwich #24

Today we bring you one of my favorite sandwiches, the humble grilled cheese.

This is made with Cabot American cheese slices and oat nut bread. The secret to an awesome grilled cheese, or at least those made in a cast iron frying pan as this was, is to melt the butter first and sprinkle some garlic powder in the pan. You have to be careful to not burn the garlic though. It doesn’t take much for the garlic to scorch.

The sandwich is plated with Utz Hot Chips, Mt. Olive Jalapeno slices, and a Miller High Life.

Have a great day and keep cooking!

Sandwich #23

I had a sandwich much like this at a health food store in Saranac Lake many moons ago.  However, that particular sandwich used raisins, which I am not too fond of.  Normally I would use Craisins on this sandwich, but I am all out.

This is natural peanut butter, unsalted sunflower seeds, and local honey.  If you make this, you should put Craisins on it.  Toasting this sandwich is also nice.

Have a great day folks and keep cooking!

Sandwich #22

I am not gonna lie folks, I was starting to hate sandwiches. Actually, I was starting to resent them, which is disappointing, considering how much I love sandwiches. However, when I took a bite of this sandwich, the love came flowing back.

Don’t let the photo fool you, this is an amazing sandwich.

I toasted some oat nut bread and spread a little Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese and some Dalmatia Fig Spread. Oh goodness. This is delicious. It is just heavenly!

Have a great day folks and keep cooking!

Sandwich #21

Today’s sandwich comes from The Great Adirondack Soup Company.

I got the The Vegiterranean, which according to the website is, “alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, artichoke hearts and feta with a lemon-tahini dressing.” All of the sandwiches here are served with tortilla chips, salsa and a pickle.

A very hearty and tasty wrap for a good price, $6.25. However, I should have asked for it sans sprouts. I don’t know why I always forget to ask for sandwiches without sprouts. The only only sprouts I like are the spicy ones that I got a couple of weeks ago.

The Great Adirondack Soup Company also features another vegetarian sandwich, the Tree Hugger’s Delight. The salads are delicious. My favorite is the Southwestern salad. I could eat this salad every darn day. There is always a vegetarian soup selection as well. This is great, because many establishments in town don’t offer a lot veggie meal options, let alone offer a vegetarian soup. I also like the fact that I can go online and see what the soup of the day is, without having to call and bug anyone. I love this place and I wish I could eat here more often than I do.

If you would like to become a fan of The Great Adirondack Soup Company on facebook, click here.

Have a great day friends and keep cooking!