Sandwich #19

The sun was actually shining in good old Plattsburgh. I got to go on a nice, long walk. It actually felt like spring for a little bit. I let the sunshine and spring like air inspire my sandwich today. This is an English muffin with Italian dressing, spring mix, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and black pepper. […]

Sandwich #18

I liked fried bologna as a kid. Now, this is not really bologna, but the concept is the same. I fried some slices of Yves meatless bologna in a little butter. It helps to make a cut in the fake bologna, so it ends up looking a little like Pac Man. I sliced up a […]

Sandwich #16

It’s late. I’m tired. Here’s today’s sandwich: My cousin Mary wanted me to make a sandwich with avocados. Now, I am a little afraid of avocados, considering what happened to me (Warning, those photos are kinda gross). This sandwich is a bulkie roll spread with Dijon mustard and topped with cucumbers, chopped sun dried tomatoes, […]