Sandwich #1

I decided to go classic for the first sandwich: PB&J, cut diagonally, of course!

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I eat them often and I don’t think you ever grow out of them.  This sandwich was made using Teddy Peanut Butter and crab apple jelly made by my friend Kari. I love crab apple jelly the best, so I have been saving the last little bit to use for the first sandwich of my month of sandwiches. The sandwich is on my Wrap-n-Mat. I love this thing and I have had it for a while. I think I might have to order another one by the end of this month of sandwiches 🙂

I will see you tomorrow for another exciting installment of “A Sandwich a Day.”   Don’t be shy about suggesting some sandwich ideas to me.  I would love to try out your ideas for sandwiches (open faced works too!),  wraps, bagels, and the like.

Have a great night and keep cooking!

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