Sandwich 27

When I was a little girl, I hated to eat breakfast. So, to appease and feed bratty little me, my mom would make me a cheese sandwich for breakfast. It had to be yellow American cheese, a lot of yellow mustard, and white bread. Day in and day out, I ate cheese sandwiches for breakfast, just to ensure that I would eat something.

Now, I also ate these cheese sandwiches for lunch too. I would have a sandwich and some Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips.

Today, we go back to my youth for a cheese sandwich. Gone is the white bread and yellow cheese, but there is still plenty of yellow mustard on this sandwich. I didn’t have any Salt and Vinegar chips, so I had to pack some Lay’s Pepper Relish chips, which are my new favorite. I also packed an apple, which I totally wouldn’t have eaten as a kid.

This sandwich totally took me back to being a kid. The funny thing is, I did what I used to do back then, I didn’t eat my crusts! On most other sandwiches, I eat the crusts. Apparently, I don’t like the crusts on my cheese and yellow mustard sandwiches.

Have a great day everyone and keep cooking!

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