Sandwich 28

I haven’t had a real deal breakfast sandwich in over ten years. I loathe eggs, so even going somewhere and getting a breakfast sandwich sans meat isn’t really an option. All I am left with is an English muffin topped with cheese. No fun.

I decided to make breakfast sandwiches for me and Mark this morning. I had seen instructions online how people cut tofu in circles and made the “egg” more realistic. I might try that sometime, but today I was low on both time and thawed tofu.

I scrambled up some Soy Boy extra firm tofu with a little red onion, baby spinach, garlic powder, turmeric, cayenne pepper, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, sea salt, and ground pepper.

While the tofu was doing its thing, I fried up two patties of Gimme Lean Sausage in a little oil.

Next, I toasted the English muffins and buttered them. By this time, the tofu scramble and the “sausage” were done cooking. I placed the patties on the muffins and topped each with a slice of Cabot American cheese and popped them in the oven to melt.

When they were done, I squirted some organic ketchup on the other half of the muffins and topped the cheese covered sausage patty with some scramble.

Wow. I am so proud of this. This is definitely a success, even if my hands are yellow from the turmeric.

It tasted like a greasy breakfast sandwich should taste like. Mark liked them a lot as well. I am going to take the rest of the scrambled tofu and have it on a spinach salad for lunch.

Have a great day friends and keep cooking!

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  1. So the stuff at the top of the photo… that’s tofu scramble? As in vegan scrambled eggs?
    Do you just mix the stuff up and then cook it like normal scrambled eggs? It looks yummy, might give it a go myself.
    Also – the bottom half of the photo looked like a belgian bun at first glance, I was all excited to think you’d had a cake for breakfast!

  2. Yep, that’s the tofu scramble and it is a lot like scrambled eggs. I usually saute the onions in a little oil, then I mix in the crumbled tofu, and then I mix in whatever else I plan on using like slices and spinach. It is yummy.

    I would love cake for breakfast. What is a Belgian bun?

    This is a belgian bun. It’s the same sort of cakey/bready stuff they use for iced buns, but with currants and raisins. They whirl it around like a catherine wheel, put a lot of icing on top, and then finish it off with a cherry. Mmmmm… Belgian bun….
    The best ones are from local bakeries, rather than the supermarket ones. The local bakery where I live makes amazing ones… I’d send you one but I don’t think you’d get the full effect of it once it had passed customs!

  4. That bun looks delicious! I think you have a point about customs 🙂 Samaire send me a package of Jaffa Cakes in an envelope once. It was the first time I had them. I fell in love 😉

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