The Burgh!

So last week, the blog and I were featured in The Burgh. I didn’t get to post about it until now, because as luck would have it, the day that most people would have read it, my hosting server had issues and my site was unable to be viewed for most of the weekend, which also meant I couldn’t log in to post any blogs either. But we are back and running now!

In case you didn’t see it, here’s the article in .

It was a privilege to be featured in such an awesome publication. I have received such a positive response from the article. Much thanks to you all! My Facebook page. has gotten some new followers too, so that is fantastic!

There will be a post when I get home tonight about my experience with Sawatdee Thai Restaurant. I need to do some revisions before I post it. Right now, I am going to scrub the floors in our new bedroom, because the plan is to move all of our furniture to the new house tonight. So exciting!

Anyway, have a great day friends and keep cooking!

2 thoughts on “The Burgh!”

  1. “The Thai Incident” makes it sound like a saucy romance novel or crazy spy story. I hope you had a good experience there! I’m interested in reading what happened.

    PS, congrats on the awesome story & front-page picture! 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good experience. I have been eating fish sauce for some time, because I was originally told that I would be able to get the curries without the fish sauce. But, that isn’t the case and I am very sad. I found this out last night when I got some green curry.

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂 It was nice to see your (and Bike to the Future’s) faces on the front page too!

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