This is an epic post about tacos and burritos!

I have been meaning to write this blog for months. But, life, as always gets head of me.

Cheechako Taco is a great little taco joint here in Plattsburgh.

They have a great selection of vegetarian options:

The inside of the shop is very Mondrian inspired and there is art for sale from local artists.

There are little touches to make this place unique:

Not to mention they also do deliveries on one of their two mopeds:

A while back, I mentioned that I spoke with Jamse, the owner of Cheechako Taco about a vegan burrito/taco. We put our heads together and came up the The Forks, named after Au Sable Forks, the place where I grew up. This creation is entirely vegan and delicious.

The Forks can either be a burrito or a taco. The burrito version comes with rice. The Forks has tequila lime tempeh, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce. I get it with guacamole too.

I paired the first sampling of The Forks in burrito form with a Copper Ale from Otter Creek Brewing.

This was one of the first meals I ate on the deck of our house. Very tasty, but I am not a fan of rice usually, so I should have remembered to ask for this without rice.

This past Sunday, I went back to try The Forks in taco form:

I love The Forks as a taco! So yummy! Great job preparing this, Althea! I will get this as a taco from now on.

Cheechako Taco is now open for late night hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from
Midnight to 3 am. Check out their cool light show in the alley, too! Find them on facebook to keep up to date on all things Cheechako!

Have a great day everyone and keep cooking!

Laura’s Special Sandwich.

Long time blog followers will remember my month long sandwich quest. Sometime after that, I popped into The Great Adirondack Soup Company for a Laura’s Special, a sandwich they mentioned to me on facebook.

I apologize for the quality of the photo. I took it at work and I just wouldn’t wait to get this sandwich in my face, so I didn’t take a lot of time to take a proper photo. Can you blame my impatience? Look at this sandwich!

The sandwich is made on multigrain bread, with sliced apple, cheddar cheese, red onion, and apple mustard. Throw the whole darn thing on the panini grill until the cheese is melted. However, since this is not on the menu, you have to ask for it special.

I love this! So many of my favorite tastes rolled into one delicious sandwich. I need to go back and have the wonderful folks at The Great Adirondack Soup Company!

Have a great day everybody, and keep cooking!

Hold on to your hats, we have an update!

Just a quick update to let you all know what is going on. We are still hard at work on the house and living life. Summer can go by so quickly, you know? Painting, going to weddings, and impromptu get-togethers have taken up a lot of my time. Not that I am complaining, mind you.

But, as I sit at my dining room table, looking out on the backyard, with a cup of tea, I decided to sit down with you all and say hey.

There is some discussion over on the Pug Veg facebook page about the spices and seasonings you can’t live without. Please head on over there to join in the discussion.

I am playing catch up today with a ton of topics, some even reaching back as far as May.

Here’s what to expect:
-A review of Laura’s Special sandwich at The Great Adirondack Soup Company.
Cheechako Taco and I brainstorming over a delicious new vegan menu item.
-A girls day away in Burlington involving Oasis Day Spa and the amazing vegetarian spa products from Keyano Aromatics, herbes de provence dip, and a scrumptious next day brunch from Magnolia Bistro.

Have a great day everyone and keep cooking!