This is an epic post about tacos and burritos!

I have been meaning to write this blog for months. But, life, as always gets head of me.

Cheechako Taco is a great little taco joint here in Plattsburgh.

They have a great selection of vegetarian options:

The inside of the shop is very Mondrian inspired and there is art for sale from local artists.

There are little touches to make this place unique:

Not to mention they also do deliveries on one of their two mopeds:

A while back, I mentioned that I spoke with Jamse, the owner of Cheechako Taco about a vegan burrito/taco. We put our heads together and came up the The Forks, named after Au Sable Forks, the place where I grew up. This creation is entirely vegan and delicious.

The Forks can either be a burrito or a taco. The burrito version comes with rice. The Forks has tequila lime tempeh, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce. I get it with guacamole too.

I paired the first sampling of The Forks in burrito form with a Copper Ale from Otter Creek Brewing.

This was one of the first meals I ate on the deck of our house. Very tasty, but I am not a fan of rice usually, so I should have remembered to ask for this without rice.

This past Sunday, I went back to try The Forks in taco form:

I love The Forks as a taco! So yummy! Great job preparing this, Althea! I will get this as a taco from now on.

Cheechako Taco is now open for late night hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from
Midnight to 3 am. Check out their cool light show in the alley, too! Find them on facebook to keep up to date on all things Cheechako!

Have a great day everyone and keep cooking!

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