It’s going to be very cold  in upstate New York this weekend. As always, I am worried about the people and animals who have no shelter or inadequate shelter. This is something that tears my heart apart every year.

All of our cats are rescues. The majority of them are cats that we took in as strays. Watson and Crick were rescued during a very cold snap two years ago. We had been feeding them for months but couldn’t nab them. We caught Crick first, but Watson took a little longer.

It was almost twelve days from catching Crick to spotting Watson again. We had some very cold temps and I was heartbroken and distraught that he didn’t make it. Then I saw him! I was so happy! But then I knew I needed to take drastic measures to get him inside.

On the Sunday I caught him, I had put some wet food out for him and I put it inside our back porch, hoping he would come in to eat. He did and I managed to kick the door shut behind him, scaring us both.

Here’s a photo taken the night I brought him in. I had to keep him on our porch that night until I was able to get him to the vet to get a check up and get neutered. I wrapped him in towels and put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel next to him. He slept for so long that night.

Here’s a more recent photo of him, almost two years later.

What a difference, eh? He is still my most shy cat, but I can expect to find all eleven pounds of him sleeping on me in the middle of the night. Often he wakes me up because he purrs so loudly, not to mention waking me up with the occasional lick or nibble on my hand, to get me to pet him.

Back to my point.  This weather reminds me of the Watson rescue effort and I am so very glad I took him, and all the other cats I have rescued, in from the cold.  They are so worth it.

As for my plans for this cold weekend, I plan on making some Chex mix, vegan no bake cookies, and hot cocoa with maybe a little bit of Frangelico, hee hee.  Perfect snacks for this cold, blustery weekend.  I might make some French onion soup too because I want to use my new to me soup bowls with handles.  Is there an actual name for those?  I guess I should google that later.

Anyway, what do you like to do to keep warm on days like these?  Fill me in!

Keep warm, friends!

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  1. Awwww, thank you for sharing Watson’s story!!! He looks so incredibly happy in the recent photo! I wish I could save more strays, it’s hard to visit my family on the rez in the Winter and see all the stray kittehs. We feed them, and build shelters for them, but I wish we could afford to do more. Sigh.

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