The Great Adirondack Soup Company-The Dinner Edition.

I am in love with The Great Adirondack Soup Company.  They are the only local place where a vegetarian can guarantee they can get delicious homemade soup and know without a doubt that it is indeed vegetarian.  Unfortunately, due to a shift change at my job, I haven’t been able to grab lunch from The Great Adirondack Soup Company in a long time.  I was grateful for the food cart they had at the Farmer’s Market over the summer, so I could get my fix.  But what’s a girl to do in the wintertime?

You couldn’t believe how excited I was to find out The Great Adirondack Soup Company was going to be serving dinner a few times a week.  I immediately made a reservation for two for the first week they were serving dinner.

Let me apologize in advance for the darkness of these photos.  The dinner atmosphere at The Great Adirondack Soup Company is calming and romantic, with low lighting and soft music.  I didn’t want to be the jerk taking flash photos with her camera, thus risking the chance of disturbing the dinners of my fellow diners.



Here was a nibble to get us started.  You have no idea how much I love roasted garlic, yet I never make it at home.  I enjoyed spreading the garlic on some locally made bread.  Delicious!


This what I had for dinner.  Unfortunately, I was too busy being wrapped up in this delicious meal and wonderful conversation and I never wrote the name of the dish down.  What I can tell you is these Brussels sprouts were amazing and that cheese crouton topping my meal was melt in your mouth tasty!  I also had a pear dessert which was heavenly.  I never, ever order dessert, but I knew I had to this night.

On Valentine’s Day, we came back.  No photos this time, but I can tell you I had the vegetable paella and I had dessert again!  My husband and I shared heart shaped pound cake with apricot glaze and topped with ganache!  I purposely saved half my dinner so I could eat dessert.  I knew I was starting to get full, but I really wanted to try the pound cake.

If you are looking for a nice, quiet place to eat dinner in Plattsburgh,  come to The Great Adirondack Soup Company.  The atmosphere is romantic and cozy.  I can’t wait until we go back again.

Also, another local favorite business of mine, Just Call Me Cupcake now has its cupcakes available at The Great Adirondack Soup Company. I linked to their Facebook page so you can see what the current flavors offered. You can also visit them at their website.

Have a great night everyone, and keep cooking!




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