Comfy spaces.

Autumn is my favorite season and when I began decorating my front room, I envisioned a comfy space where I could curl up with a book and a cat and a cup of tea as the days got darker earlier.  Unfortunately, life is busy and I don’t get to relax as much as I would […]

Kitchen garden.

  We got a later start on our garden that we wanted to, but we managed to get a lot of stuff planted.  We learned a lot from last year’s garden and decided to not plant some veggies that didn’t thrive as well as we had hoped they would.  We weren’t going to plant broccoli […]

Smooth move, Ex Lax

Did you say that when you were a kid? Anyway, I have been always breakfast challenged. Even in kindergarten, I remember my mom forgoing traditional breakfast foods in order to get me to eat breakfast. She would make me cheese sandwiches instead. I’m 35 and I still struggle with getting breakfast in my belly. I […]

Bull’s eye!

A couple of Saturday’s ago, I walked by a vendor at the Farmer’s Market and I spotted these beauties:   Round zucchinis! The lady called them “Bull’s Eye” zucchini but I have also seen them refered to as orb zucchini. When  I was little my mom grew these, but her’s were always green.  Last year, my […]