Kitchen garden.


We got a later start on our garden that we wanted to, but we managed to get a lot of stuff planted.  We learned a lot from last year’s garden and decided to not plant some veggies that didn’t thrive as well as we had hoped they would.  We weren’t going to plant broccoli this year, but Mother Nature had an agenda and up popped a volunteer broccoli plant or two.  We also had some lettuce pop up from last year, as well as several tomato plants.

One thing I wanted to do last year was plant a kitchen garden.  We still have herbs in various parts of the garden, but I wanted the ones I used often, plus some edible flowers, in a little patch right off the kitchen.  Mark built the garden up for me and I went to work filling it with two types of basil, camomile, lavender, and nasturtium, to name a few.

It’s been so nice to take a few steps off the porch and be able to pluck the herbs I need for cooking.  I plan on drying the camomile and lavender.  I want to use the camomile for tea and I am going to attempt to make lavender simple syrup to replicate the lavender margarita that is served in our local Mexican restaurant.  I also want to make some sachets for my dresser drawers.

I managed to combine my kitchen garden and today’s outfit into one photo.  I think it’s funny that my dress matches the garden, the lawn, and the deck.


Outfit details:  vintage dress-gift from my awesome hair dresser, green tights-retail (and originally purchased for my lawn gnome costume a couple of years ago) and blue shoes-second hand shop.

Here’s a detail shot of the dress and the shoes.  I got these shoes from a shop that sells everything!  It’s kinda like an antique shop and a thrift shop rolled into one.  These shoes are from the 70’s and I have a pair in red as well.  They cost me a whopping 50 cents a pair!  Best bargain of the summer so far.  They were a little grimy from being in storage so long, but the cleaned up pretty well.

Back to cooking!  I am going to attempt to make vegetarian crab cakes again.  I made them before with tofu and they were okay, but they didn’t blow my mind or anything.  While out at dinner last night, I had a flash of inspiration on how to make a different version of them.  If they turn out well, expect them on the blog!

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. It’s very important to co-ordinate with one’s surroundings!!! That’s a FAB frock!!
    G and I have ambitions to finally try a bit of a garden…..we’ve only been making noises about it for a few years…..!!!
    Vege crab cakes? That would be useful for all my vege friends!And possibly vegan friends,all depending!
    Crikey, I have so many differing dietary requirements amongst my friends! Lactose intolerant,gluten free, vege,vegan….it’s enough to make a gal go raw foodist!!!
    (Um, no, it isn’t!,actually!)

  2. What a fabulous frock…again! it co-ordinates beautifully with your surroundings and I love your elf tights with the blue mules! Interested in the veggie crab cakes, please share once you’ve honed the recipe! xxx

  3. Hee hee! Thank you! I feel like a chameleon sometimes. I have a photo of me and my kitty where my dress matches the wall in my house.

    Hey, I have a great link about container gardening that I will email you.

    I hope the crab cakes turn out okay 🙂

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