Smooth move, Ex Lax

Did you say that when you were a kid? Anyway, I have been always breakfast challenged. Even in kindergarten, I remember my mom forgoing traditional breakfast foods in order to get me to eat breakfast. She would make me cheese sandwiches instead.

I’m 35 and I still struggle with getting breakfast in my belly. I love late breakfasts or brunch on weekends. I even like breakfast for dinner, which was a tradition started by maternal grandparents.

One of the big problems I have with breakfast is that a lot of breakfast foods are sweet. I am all about the savory. Mind you, I won’t turn down a good piece of chocolate or a delicious cupcake, but for the most part, I am not crazy about sweet things. But, one semi sweet thing I can handle in the morning is green smoothies.

For breakfast this morning I made a strawberry and kale smoothie. This smoothie isn’t really as green as it could be, but it was great! If it’s too green, I have trouble with the consistency and it makes me gag and really, who wants to put up with that nonsense so early in the morning?

For someone who writes a cooking blog, I am pretty terrible when it comes to measuring out ingredients. For this smoothie, I combined about a couple of ice cubes, a half a cup of hazelnut milk (but any kind of milk, soy, almond, rice, will do), five (local)strawberries (in the winter I use frozen ones which eliminates the need for ice cubes), and two kale (local) leaves, and whirred it up in my 1970’s avocado green blender. Some folks have fancy blenders, but this one, with three buttons (off, low, high) suits me just fine. I swear I could blend a car battery in this thing! I have an immersion blender too, but I use that more for blending hot soups.

Also, because I said I would be sharing some of my outfits on the blog, here’s today’s outfit:


Black ruffled cardigan-consignment shop

Vintage polyester dress with Siam print-gift from Dad

White fishnets with crazy design-clearance retail

Sanitas-online (I wanted to wear heels with this, but I am about to leave to go out to dinner and a comedy show with friends and I wanted comfy, not break my neck shoes)

Black and silver ring-retail

Black headband-dollar store

Black plastic beads-yard sale

I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Keep cooking!

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  1. The print on that frock is an absolute delight, you look fabulous!!! I love your retro blender but I don’t know wether I could cope with the kale, bleurghh…almost as bad as celery! x

  2. I’ve never heard that expression!
    I love breaky, and in fact will feel nauseous if I miss it.Unless I wake up very late….then I’m fine!
    I’m with Vix about the kale;in NZ it’s sometimes used as an ornamental plant!!! Hahaha!
    I adore your blender,though,and am coveting it!AND that amazing frock!!OMG,good choice,Dad!!!It’s the most unusual and fabulosu print!

  3. Thanks Helga! What do you like to eat for breakfast? I am desperate for suggestions! As for the kale, it’s often used as salad bar decoration here. Kale is pretty good if you make it into kale chips. Salty goodness, yum!

  4. Thanks, Vix! You know what I hate as much as celery? Water chestnuts! Blugh. I can’t deal with the consistency. I get the willies just thinking about them. Ew. 🙂

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  6. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I had someone build my site for me. I don’t know much about wordpress.

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