Never clever.

Hi! I can’t think of a clever title for today’s post.

Today’s blog is photo heavy, with a lot of those photos of being of clothes and other goodies. But first, here’s some of the veggies Mark harvested from the garden yesterday. We had a lot more the day before, but he used all of the harvest (broccoli, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno and Hungarian wax peppers, fairy eggplant) along with some new vegetarian Tofurky pepperoni that I picked up in VT over the weekend, in some delicious homemade strombolis! I should have taken a photo!

Oh!  I promised I would tell you about the best meal I have ever eaten!  I ate at The Clover House Restaurant in Colchester, VT on Saturday. I had the portobello mushroom ravioli and it was absolutely delightful I can’t think about it too much because I will get hungry and the pita, hummus, and carrots I am eating at the moment are no match. Locals, make the trip across the lake and check this place out!

I was so busy on Saturday that I didn’t get a chance to post my weekend haul of second hand goodies.

Here’s what I got: green dress with polka dot tie (80’s?), sea foam green and white dress (60’s), and three slips-thrifted. Scarf skirt, two lunch boxes, a pile of multi colored tights-yard sale. Not pictured: three Tom Lehrer records. Grand total: $12.

Here’s yesterday’s outfit:

And a close up:

I don’t know why I looked so damn grumpy in this photo. I wasn’t I swear! Details: black ruffled sweater-consignment shop, 50’s dress-gift from Dad, Jolly Green Giant tights-retail, Doc Marten Oxfords-online, black plastic beaded necklace-yard sale, ring-gift from Dad.

I wore this dress earlier in the summer and I think I liked how I accessorized it back then much better.

A close up:

Details:  the vintage green cardigan belonged to my Gram and my Dad and he gave me the vintage plastic purse a long time ago. My Mom gave me the antique necklace and the ring is new and it was a gift from my sister. The shoes are retail and are very old.

Maybe the grump face is because I didn’t like how I accessorized this outfit.  I think the black sweater and the Docs might have been comfy, but they didn’t do much to make me feel fabulous.  I do like the green tights with this dress, however.

Check out these lovely 60’s cat statues that I snagged for a buck at my favorite thrift shop!  My hydrangea is doing quite well too!

Speaking of hydrangeas, I forgot to post this outfit from last week. Here’s the outtake first.  I was attempting to get my full outfit and the hydrangea in the same photo.  As you can see, it didn’t happen.

A full shot:

Close up:

Details:  I really like yellow and grey together. 80’s dress and 60’s chiffon scarf – thrifted, 60’s tights-second hand shop, 60’s enameled yellow flower pin and 60’s yellow plastic ring-yard sales, shoes-retail.

Phew!  I am all tuckered out!  It’s been a busy week!  Last night we went out to dinner with friends and tonight we are traveling south about 45 minutes or so to see our friends and their new house and have dinner with them.  Tomorrow is going to be busy too, I think.  I need to wake up!

I forgot to take a photo of my hemp soap bag, so that will have to wait until another day.

I hope you are all having a splendid day!


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  1. ha,you answered my question I left at Flickr earlier about the hydrangea!!! (I spelt it rather incorrectly though!)It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen!It’s all so LUSH at yours,and so are you,in not 1,but 2 fabulous frocks!!!EEEK! I love seeing the Summer/Winter take on the green frock.I often use black accessories in Winter,but rarely fel fab about it.The brighter the better!I love both frocks so much,and that scarf & brooch with the grey…divine!
    And food!I’m thinking of starting a special file,called Mandy Munching or something like that;I’m so inspired! G and I are going to start our first ever (well, it’ll be the seocond attempt,actually,but I think this one will work!) garden together this year!I really don’t have a green thumb,but I so adore home grown toms,and veges in general….

  2. You sure know how to put an outfit together, love! I can see you rocking that green 1980s frock with the tie very soon. The yellow accessories are just gorgeous with the monochrome frock.
    Those tomatoes are amazing. My crop is pitiful this year, those that survived the torrential rain have been munched by the evil slugs! xxxx

  3. OMG so much FABULOUSNESS in this post!!! The yummo home grown tomatoes look DELICIOUS. The green frock with polka dot bow (WOWZA!!!), the second green frock – GOOORGEOUS! The beautiful green cardigan is stunning. I LOOOOVE the outfit with the yellow tights and scarf – in fact IT’S MY FAVOURITE! And I adore your lovely picket fence. And I also have a pom pom flower bush but mine is purple! Sarah xxx

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