A picture round up.

Warning!  This is a photo heavy entry!  Here are all of the photos I have been meaning to blog but I haven’t had time for!

Looking at the photos for today’s post, there is an awful lot of green! It’s funny, green has never been one of my favorite colors, or so I thought. But, green in all shades, has started to find it’s way into my life, in the foods I eat, my wardrobe, and my home decor.

Actually, I have loved green kitchenware forever. When I moved to the apartment I lived in until we bought the house, the first thing I did was paint the cabinet doors green (Shy Absinthe). Here’s an old photo of me in front of said cabinets, holding two jars of my beloved Branston pickle:

I promised a photo of Brussels sprouts and here it is. I wish I would have had a chance to take a photo of the huge stock of ’em I got at the Farmer’s Market.  I didn’t get a chance to cook this right away, because I bought them the day Crick went missing, but I managed to salvage a few for cooking.

See?  More green!  That tea cup is my favorite tea cup, by the way.  I think I got it at a thrift shop.

These sprouts were cooked down in brown butter and garlic.  Yum!

We harvested a lot of the garden a week or so ago.  Here’s what we got:

So many jalapenos!  A lot of our tomatoes had fungus, so we might not be able to make pickled green tomatoes after all, but we had no shortages of peppers!  I am hoping to get some more from our plants so I have some to dry over the winter.  I had much bigger plans for food preservation (freezing, canning, drying) this summer, but with all of the things that have been going on, I am coming to terms with the fact that eating from the garden might be all we are able to do this year.

Here’s some outfit photos from the past few days or so.

Outfit details: acid green cardigan that I absolutely adore (and waited forever for it to go on clearance)-retail, psychedelic scarf-thrift shop, black dress-retail,Kermit the Frog green tights-yard sale, black Mary Jane heels (not pictured-see next photo)-retail, and ratty ass pony tail (thank goodness for the haircut I am getting tomorrow!), cats from left to right: Bella, Edie, Watson, and Ox (all rescues).

Detail shot, because we all love ’em!

This photo has been cracking me up since I took it.  Death metal cat!

This was my first day of autumn outfit. Orange and brown are two of my favorite colors. Outfit details: vintage boy’s jacket (with a few embellishments made by me), striped boy’s ringer tee shirt, brown corduroy skirt, vintage psychedelic scarf (one of my favorites), Italian leather boots -thrifted, argyle knee socks-retail, but on clearance. Also, new hair cut!

Detail shot.  Here you can see some of the vintage the buttons I sewed on the collar of the jacket. The one with the compact and lipstick came from Old Gold in Burlington VT and I don’t believe it’s old. This jacket also has yellow and orange buttons I sewed on the sleeves (It’s been a while, but I think the jacket was missing all of it’s buttons). There was also a cigarette burn on the sleeve, but I covered that up with a patch of shaking hands. Check out the prints on the scarf and shirt!

Boots and socks!

And finally here’s yesterday’s outfit.   It’s no secret how much I love Halloween.  I will go into more detail in future posts, but part of the reason why I love autumn so much is because Halloween is right around the corner!  If retailers are already pushing Christmas, then I am going to push Halloween! Outfit details: black cardigan, black and white striped shirt, and vintage orange purse – thrifted, giant vintage enameled orange flower pin and orange tights, yard sale, shoes and skirt-retail. A note about the pin: I got this for a dollar I think at a yard sale. I was just giddy when I bought it and I told the woman so. She thought I was crazy (I could tell) for being so exuberant over a pin.

Close up of this fabulous pin!  Please ignore all of the cat hair on my sweater. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after I took the photo. That’s what happens when I hug the cats before taking my photos.


Oh!  Before I forget, I mentioned on the Pugnacious Vegetarian Facebook page that I was open  to suggestion on topics to blog about.  Please leave me a comment on this blog or post your topics on the Facebook page.

Have a great day everyone and keep cooking!


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  1. Ooh so much fabulous! I love Brussell’s sprouts too. And I ADORE Halloween and we don’t even celebrate it over here – but I don’t care: any excuse to dress up! Your orange brooch is AMAZING! And I LOVE your death metal kitty pic. Sarah xxx (No sign of Crick?)

  2. You are beyond fabulous! I love how you dress and your groovy bright tights. That orange brooch is amazing and I want to come and steal all your kitties!
    I haven’t had Branston Pickle in ages which is an utter disgrace considering it’s made up the road from me! x

  3. Ah,Branston pickle! It’s delicious!
    This is a pearler of a post,so much joy and colour and kittehs!
    Death Metal Kitty is hilarious!
    A gren kitchen is most pleasurable, especially when it’s filled with wonderful produce fresh from your garden! When I get a nice new kitchen,I’m going for turquoise!
    Yay for bright orange and green tights!And the brooch is fabulous,I’m not surprised you were giddy!
    I also LOVE your argyle socks and awesome boots! I need me some great boots like that!
    Lovely post, lovely to have you back!XXXXXXXXX

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