Our beloved cat Crick is still missing. I am still hopeful for his return and we are doing everything we can to get him back home. I am too superstitious to say anymore about it, though.

Today’s post will be a catch up, catch all. Crick has been missing for seventeen days, so these photos were all taken prior to his escape. But, some of the stuff is too good to not share, so I will share it anyway.

This outfit is almost a month old. I have pretty much been dressing in jeans, tee shirts, and sneakers because I have been getting into any and all cat hiding places that I can find, so heels and dresses haven’t been my go to fashion choices, unfortunately.

Outfit details:  I love this vintage shawl. I love the material and the color. It was made in the Philippines. The shawl and the skirt are thrifted. The shoes came from a second hand shop and the shirt is retail, but on super clearance. The necklace I am wearing that you can’t see, I made myself.

Close up details:  The necklace is made of vintage paste pearls, vintage glass beads, a vintage button, and a plastic mermaid which is supposed to sit on the outside of a cocktail glass.

I was given a couple of large yellow squash and zucchini.  I didn’t know what to do with them, so I made stacks!  They are easy to make.

Slice up the up the squash.  Between each slice, smear some goat cheese.  I for this goat cheese, I used my hand mixer to blend the goat cheese with some balsamic vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt.  It resulted in a nice, creamy spread to put between the slices.  Next, I put a layer of jarred spaghetti sauce (my fave: Newman’s Own Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic Pasta Sauce) on the bottom of a pan.  I placed the stacks in the pan and poured more sauce over them.  I popped the pan in the oven and baked them on 350 degrees for about twenty-five minutes (or until fork tender).    Just a note, these were large and very seedy, so they were tough.  If you were using smaller, more tender squash, you could cook them for less time.  While waiting for the stacks to cook, I melted some butter and stirred in some bread crumbs to make a nice, crumbly topping.  At just about the end of the cooking time, pull out the pan and sprinkle the topping over the stacks.  Serve with a little sauce on the plate and a sprig of fresh basil (this is from our garden).  They even taste good cold!

I had been having issues with my back lately, so I broke out the yoga rug and I was joined by Watson:

To celebrate a good day, Mark and I got Indian food. He had to work late, so I ate in front of the TV all by my lonesome. Indian take out reminds me of Vix!

This is the last thing I cooked before Crick disappeared.  I wanted to learn how to make brown butter and I wanted to make it and serve it on something special.  To celebrate the creation of the perfect garlic brown butter, I tossed it with this delicious, sorta local to me (Vermont) butternut squash and Vermont maple syrup ravioli from Putney Pasta in Brattleboro, VT and served it with a glass of Creme Brulee Stout from Southern Tier Brewing Company. An amazing paring of food and beer! If you like stouts, try this beer. It starts with a sweet taste, but it finishes much differently. It’s a heavy alcohol content (9.60%) so be careful and keep that in mind. It will throw you for a loop! I curled up with my dinner and the pilot episode of “Twin Peaks,” which I haven’t seen since seventh grade, so 1990 or so.


And there you have it, all the things I meant to blog about around the time of Crick’s escape. I have a Brussels sprout post to make, but that will have to wait until another day. In the meantime, prayers and good vibes are still welcomed for Crick’s safe return. We all miss him terribly.

Have a great day and keep cooking!

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  1. Sweetheart! Hello yourself!
    I have every confidence that Crick is watching you and getting ready to run itno your loving arms!
    Now,I love zucchini (in NZ they’re called courgettes!But I’m used to zucchini too,as that’s what we call them in Australia) and what you’ve created looks delish!I’m not fussed on squash, oddly, but with all these flavours,I can’t imagine being bothered!
    I like how Watson has turned away just as you take the pic! I have trouble getting my babies to pose…
    Mmm, brown butter…..I love pasta, and have made it a couple of times.I wouldn’t say I’m great at it, but I love the taste of fresh pasta,o YES!
    G is the beer fiend, he loves to try new beers, and if we make it up your way sometime,he’ll be right into that!I think he will drink a stout! I know he isn’t a fan of an overly hoppy flavour,anyway.Portland had really hoppy beer.
    Just reading this has made me feel like cooking…by the time I get home though I probably won’t feel too creative!We’ll see!

  2. I know Crick’s watching you from afar. It sounds like he’s a hell of a cat and you must try not to worry!
    Like Helga, we call them courgettes,too! I could live off them but Jon insists they’re diced up into minuscule pieces or he refuses to go them them, fussy bugger!
    both you and your food looks delicious. It’s a vicious circle, I’m craving Indian now I’ve seen yours and it’s only 9.30am! xxx

  3. I had to “googletranslate” pugnacious – and I like it! Pugnacious vegetarians, catlovers and vintagequeens are my favourites! I work in a small municipality with public health and I’m proud that pupils during their textilehandicrafts had remake as a theme work and now we are trying to introduce “meetfree monday” (slowly, but yet …)

  4. Welcome aboard! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Good luck with meat free Monday! Keep me updated and look through the archives and maybe you will find something for them to make from my site. I would love that!

  5. OH NO! Come home Crick!!! Oh I do hope he’s home by now. You look just lovely – I love that gorgeous white picket fence – and the food looks DELICIOUS.

    Please give us an update when Crick returns. Big hugs.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Hi!

    Sorry i did’nt get to you sooner, i was so busy this week Plattsburgh! this is close indeed!
    Your blog is very, very cute – i love your vegeterian recipes and your adorable outfits

    I am so sorry for Crick, i hope he comes back or somebody finds him – I had a cat once who came back back after 14 days missing , so keep hoping!

    I will follow you

    Ariane xxxxxx

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