Refrigerator clean out!

So, I mentioned in my last post that I am open to suggestions as to what to blog about. If you want to suggest something, please leave a comment.

One of the suggestions I received on The Pugnacious Vegetarian Facebook page was from my friend Shannon who said she always liked it when I post about meals I make when use up the things in my fridge.   Admittedly, I was too lazy to go grocery shopping last night, so it was a good time to see what I had in the fridge that was about to go.

Here’s what I came up with:  kale salad with blue cheese, chopped pecans, dried cranberries, and warm spring onion vinaigrette and oven baked panko breaded Quorn cutlets.

Last year for my birthday, my mom and my sister bought me a set of four Cinderella round casserole dishes  in the Forest Fancies pattern.  I absolutely love them, because among other things, I collect mushrooms.  The vintage yellow refrigerator dish was also a gift from my mother.  It’s the perfect size for so many things.  Bonus points for the lids because that’s less foil or plastic wrap I have to use.

Another friend was talking about kale on Facebook, so I told her about this salad that I make.  I made it for a Christmas Eve dinner we had last year and it really is perfect for Autumn and it would also find a nice home on your Thanksgiving table, too.

The more I thought about the salad, the more I wanted to make it and luckily enough, I had a big bag of kale that needed to be used up!  The basis of the vinaigrette was some leftover olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spices that I had saved from a week or so ago.  We were dipping focaccia bread into the oil and vinegar, but I made too much of the oil and vinegar mixture and I couldn’t bear to throw it away, so I put the leftover mixture in my salad dressing shaker, hoping to do something with it.

The oven baked Quorn cutlets  are so easy and helped me to use up the rest of my panko bread crumbs and this delicious mustard. Note to self: put mustard on the shopping list.

Kale Salad with Blue Cheese, pecans, Dried Cranberries, and Warm Spring Onion Vinaigrette

As with the majority of my recipes, this one can be made for one person or many people, so the measurements are not exact.

  • -pre-washed and torn kale (or other greens, spinach is a nice green to use with this)
  • -blue cheese (or Gorgonzola) crumbles
  • -dried cranberries
  • -chopped pecans (or your favorite nut-walnuts or almonds would be good)
  • -a bunch of spring (green) onions (or a small red onion or a shallot), chopped
  • -olive oil
  • -balsamic vinegar
  • -chopped garlic
  • -salt and pepper


I recommend using a large bowl for this salad.  It’s nice to rub a clove of garlic along the inside of the bowl to add a little extra flavor.  Mix blue cheese crumbles, pecans, and dried cranberries together in the bottom of the bowl and top with the kale, giving everything a good mix.  Sure, you can toss this salad with tongs, but I like to wash my hands and give this salad a good mix with my hands.  It really mixes everything up well.  The trouble with tongs is that since there are a lot of little bits in this salad, they tend to get lost on the bottom of the bowl.

To make the vinaigrette, heat the oil, vinegar, garlic, and chopped onions on low heat until bubbly, almost caramelized.  When you have reached that state, take the vinaigrette off the heat and immediately dress the salad with the warm dressing and toss the salad (again, I like to do this with clean hands because it really mixes the dressing with the salad.  Next, cover the salad, as this will wilt the kale, which is what you want.  Serve this salad soon while it’s still warm or serve it cold, which is also tasty and how I ate it for lunch.

Oven Baked Panko Breaded Quorn Cutlets

-one box of Quorn Cutlets (4 cutlets per box)

-3 tablespoons (give or take) of vegan may0.  I use Veganaise but if you use regular mayo or salad cream, that would be fine too.

-3 tablespoons of mustard (yellow would work, but try to go for a stone ground or a Dijon)

-a healthy squirt of agave syrup (or a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar)

-salt, pepper, and garlic powder, to taste (If you wanted to make this spicier, you could add a little cayenne pepper or other seasoning of your choice.)

-panko breadcrumbs (I am not going to give an amount of breadcrumbs, because I didn’t measure them last night.  Basically, just add some to a bowl and if you need more, add more!)


First, mix the vegan mayo, mustard, and agave syrup together in a large bowl (wet mixture).  In another bowl, mix the panko breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, and garlic powder (dry mixture).  Next, dip the Quorn cutlet in the wet mixture, thoroughly coating the cutlet, followed by dredging the cutlet in the dry mixture, ensuring the whole cutlet is covered in the breadcrumbs.  Place the coated cutlets in an oven safe pan and bake at 400 for twenty minutes.

Mark had to work late that night, so I ate by myself, by candlelight.  I also had a glass of Doc’s Hard Cider. I might have also had a whole bottle of their sour cherry cider while cooking, but shush.

While I was eating dinner, I threw a couple of batches of kale chips in the oven. Only two trays came out well, because to borrow a term from Vix, I cremated one batch.

I forgot to post what I picked up over the weekend.  The bowl with the kale chips is actually blue, but it’s all washed out in this photo, so check out the next photo to see it’s true color, along with the other things I got over the weekend.

Here it is with the majority of the haul I got over the weekend.  Small, but good haul.  Total cost was around $18, but not pictured are the elements of my Halloween costume (which is now 50% complete) and a pair of white go-go boots that don’t quite fit me.  So what did I get?  Vintage blue mini dress and a vintage (Montgomery Ward!  See it in action below!) flowered dress, a new rag rug for Crick to sleep on (he loves ’em!) when he comes home, and a vintage orange teapot that has a chip or two, but come on, look at that color!, I also got a white foam pumpkin for an upcoming Halloween decorating project, a black plastic caldron, a vintage blue melamine bowl, and a book, “Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Seeds for Healthful Living.”  Edie not included.

Before I wrap things up, here’s what I wore yesterday.  This sweater is still one of my favorites.  Actually, it’s in a tie with the acid green sweater from the last post.  I was kinda iffy about the dress when I saw it at the thrift shop on Saturday, but it was only a buck, so I took a chance and I am so glad I did!

Outfit details:  vintage 70’s dress (Montgomery Ward brand!) and brown Italian boots – thrifted, robin’s egg blue sweater-consignment shop, blue tights-rummage sale, scarf-from a once a year, factory sale that is held locally (I’ll blog about that when it happens), psychedelic owl pin-antique shop (only $2!).

Here’s a pin close up:

So that’s what I have been up to the past few days or so.  I am still taking blog suggestions, so please feel free to let me know what you would like to see.

Have a great day, friends!


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  1. I love all that cooking, pretty good ideas you have there, i will have to look some word up in the bilingual dictionnary, no idea what are kale, or quorn cutlets, but it looks darn good!

    Love all the colors you are wearing, to much black around here i tell you!
    I wear all my colors as well , i am a 100 watt lightbulb in the subway in the morning i tell you with all the colors i wear!

    I see you 3 cats? And they are gorgeous!
    I have 2, my babies

    Love your thrift finds

    Have a good wekend

    You should show us your hood, the shops, thrift shops, ect…

    Ariane xxxx

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