The October Project-October 2nd

This might just look like a photo of a cat to some folks, but to me, this is a photo I never thought I would take.  On September 1st our cat Crick escaped from his cat carrier on the way to the vet.  He ended up being gone for thirty-two days.  Mark and I were able to bring him back home with the the help of some good advice,  tuna, a wildlife camera, and a humane trap.  This photo was taken around thirteen hours after we were able to capture him.  I thought he would be scared and hate us, but that wasn’t the case.  The elusive Mr. Crick loves us and apparently missed us just as much as we missed him, based on the amount of headbutts he gave us tonight, not to mention all of the purring.  Welcome home, buddy.  We’ve missed you.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the elusive Mr. Crick was captured by a humane trap this morning 5:38 AM.  He is not very happy with us at the moment, but we are ecstatic that he is home.  He still needs to get checked out by the vet, but that will happen soon enough.  Thank you so much to everyone for their support and help.  We all really appreciate it!


According to my time zone, there are two hours left of October 1st, so I still have time: Happy World Vegetarian Day! I mentioned it on the Pugnacious Vegetarian Facebook page , but I forgot to do it here.

We had takeout pizza which is a far cry from what I made last year.

The weather today was gorgeous! I wore one of my favorite dresses to celebrate the first day of October. I know the first day of autumn is in September, but it just doesn’t feel like autumn to me until October. This pose was completely accidental. The wind was crazy off the lake today and the timer went off just as I was whipping my hair out of my face.



Outfit details: orange wool sweater that I paid way too much money for because it developed holes shortly after purchase-retail (It was longer and
fuller too, but I threw it in the wash recently as an experiment to see if it would felt and it did!), sweater dress with leaves-super clearance- retail, but I love it and I would have gladly paid full price, brown long sleeved shirt-retail, vintage polyester knee socks, brown boots, and scarf -thrifted, wooden skunk pin and carnelian ring-gifts from my parents.

Gratuitous close up:

I hope you have all had a glorious first day of October.

The October Project-October 1st.

I have been looking out the window at work at this patch of purple for about a week now. I decided that this blast of purple in an otherwise green and brown landscape would be the perfect photo to kick off the October Project. It wasn’t until I got close enough to explore the purple flowers that I found a Queen Anne’s lace pod. I have always felt a strong attraction to Queen Anne’s lace pods and I used to have one hanging in my car and I often photograph them when I find them. What I took away from this exploration is that it isn’t always wise to be attracted to prettiness from afar. Sometimes when you get really close, that is when you discover true beauty. If you look really closely, you will see a bit of spiderweb and some tiny flies, too.