The October Project-October 1st.

I have been looking out the window at work at this patch of purple for about a week now. I decided that this blast of purple in an otherwise green and brown landscape would be the perfect photo to kick off the October Project. It wasn’t until I got close enough to explore the purple flowers that I found a Queen Anne’s lace pod. I have always felt a strong attraction to Queen Anne’s lace pods and I used to have one hanging in my car and I often photograph them when I find them. What I took away from this exploration is that it isn’t always wise to be attracted to prettiness from afar. Sometimes when you get really close, that is when you discover true beauty. If you look really closely, you will see a bit of spiderweb and some tiny flies, too.

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  1. Nice shot. Looking forward to a month of interesting pics culminating in a party worthy of rock stars.

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