Now, I have to admit, Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, because my favorite holiday is Halloween.  However, over the years, especially since we bought out home, I have been enjoying the season more because I can decorate!  I am always looking for an opportunity to decorate!

When we lived in a small apartment, I couldn’t really do much other than string up some lights and put up our tiny tree on top of a bookshelf.

I inherited a white Christmas tree from my Ma that she got from my Gram.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any decorations when got this white tree three years ago, so we had to go out and buy some.  Now, you know I love second hand everything, but this was one of the times I went out and bought specific ornaments because I had a vision for our white tree!  Because the color palette in our home is light blue, lilac, and a smokey violet, we went with those colors, along with some pink, silver, white, and a little pale green.  I am also currently obsessed with sparkles and glitter.  At a potluck a few years ago, a friend of our friend’s daughter said our house looked like a snow palace.  I liked that and I have run with the ice/snow theme ever since.  That was, once the tree is down, I can keep my winter decorations up for the whole winter!

Here’s this year’s tree, taken on a snowy Sunday.  All of that snow is gone now.

Edie has been very interested in the tree this year, especially the silver stars.  I am thinking of using this photo as our Christmas card next year.

In his own way, Watson has been enjoying the tree as well.  He has also gotten after the tree a bit, which is shocking because he doesn’t usually do that sort of mischief.  I will admit, I think it’s cute.

Here’s a view of the dining room decorations.  The snowflakes are being attacked by cats on a daily basis.  There were at least four more when I started.  Apparently, they are in the way of the cats while they observe the backyard.

Here’s the staircase, complete with stockings for Mark, me, and the six kitties.  This is the first Christmas without Aleister, so it was sad to not hang a seventh stocking.

I recreated my snowy bathroom once again, but this year I added stars.  I can never get a good photo of how cool this looks.  I wish you could see it in person.

Today will be a busy day.  I have to tidy the house, do some cooking, and wrap gifts because my best friend and her husband are spending the night so we can do our Christmas together.  I will try to take some photos of the spread.

Have a great day and keep cooking!  I will have that creamy white bean and dill soup up on the blog soon!

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  1. Oh your tree is pretty! I love the pictures of the cats with it! I shudder to think what my cats would do if I had a Christmas tree…

  2. It’s all looking really beautidul,and yours is the nicest tree I’ve seen. I’m really REALLY not into Xmas, not least because the season is SO wrong here, but I am enjoying seeing you lovely Northern Hemisphere wneches make it so appealing! XXX

  3. That tress and the peeping cats are just lovely! I don’t really do Xmas, I’ve only been home for 3 out of the last 13 and truthfully I’d rather just be on a beach! xxx

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