When the camera was out of commission, I really missed taking my outfit photos.  With it being dark when I get home from work at night, I am going to have to start getting creative with my photos or I am going to have to get up earlier.  I am guessing I will figure out something long before I will ever get up early.

Here’s a small outfit round up.

This is a cape I inherited from my grandmother-in-law. She got it on a trip to Ireland in the 70’s. Wanna see what’s under my cape?

 Outfit details: grey slouchy hat-thrifted, dress, bracelet, and shoes-retail, tights and rhinestone pin-yard sale.

 Pin close up.  Man oh man is this dress pilly!  I need to shave it before I wear it again.

I have a feeling that a lot of my winter outfit photos will be taken in the kitchen while I am making dinner after work.  It’s got the best light in the house and I can share an outfit and a recipe with you!

Outfit details:  blue Cashmink scarf, grey cotton cardigan, and grey and white flowered 80’s polyester dress – thrifted, blue tights – yard sale, boots – retail, stained glass heart brooch – picked it out of a out of a box at my Dad’s house. Dinner details: creamy dill and white bean soup.

Speaking of that creamy dill and white bean soup, I hope to write about that soon because a friend asked about the recipe.

Have a great day and stay tuned to the third post in my catching up series:  Christmas!

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  1. SQUEE!!!! I so missed your outfits, you’re just too fabularse for words! Rocking that cape like no one’s business, too! (do I wanna see what’s under it?! DOH!)Makes me want to get a cape on RIGHT NOW, but it’s too hot.I’ll settle for a vodka tonic and another dribble over your kitchen……..Much love,XXX

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