A new feature: Sunday’s Small, Good Things.

Beginning today, on this first Sunday of the new year, I have decided to launch a new feature, Sunday’s Small, Good Things.  This feature, with the name a nod to Raymond Carver, will be the things that have been good in my life this week.  All to often I find myself mired in my mess, forgetting to take stock of the good things that are going on in my life.  I invite all of you to participate and link back to the blog.  I would love to see your list of small, good things.

Here’s mine:

  • Candlelit showers.  Seriously, this might be my saving grace this winter.  Since adopting this practice this week, I have noticed a serious change in my mood.  I have been using a “Balsam and Pine” candle from Yankee Candle.  This combined with my body wash (see below) makes me feel like I am showering in the middle of the forest.
  • Grass shower gel from Lush.  I got this as a Christmas gift from my best friend.  I am hooked.  I will be buying the large bottle when I am done with what I have now.
  • My vintage, but new to me, fuzzy red bathrobe.  It looks like I skinned a Muppet and made a fur coat out of it.  I really need to take a photo to show you all.
  • Organizing and purging.  I have done a lot of these activities this weekend and I am far from done.  However, I feel so good and energized by what I have accomplished.
  • Bob’s Burgers is a new episode tonight.  Yay!

So there you have it.  The first Sunday’s Small, Good Things.  Please feel free to play along!

One thought on “A new feature: Sunday’s Small, Good Things.”

  1. Funny, I must have been on the same wavelength when I remarked about gratitude in my last post! I have to remind myself constantly to be grateful for everything good in my life, which is a LOT!

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