Sunday’s Small Good Things.

What a busy week! Here’s Sunday’s Small, Good Things:

I made a point this week to do more socializing and I certainly lived up to that point!

I was finally able to get out and do some thrifting for the first time in what felt like forever.  Later on in this post, check out the new pillows I got while I was out and about!

I have slowly but surely organizing our dressing room/bedroom suite, including organizing out closet. It’s been quite the task, but it’s with pleasure that I can finally say our bedroom is pretty much where I want it.

Night stand

The nightstand, topped with various second hand treasures.  The lamp is one of a pair.  I need to have my dad put a plug on the other one.  I finally had Mark pick up a multi-plug  outlet adapter so I could plug in the lamp, the phone, and the alarm clock.  It will be nice having a lamp again because the overhead light makes the lighting too bright for me to read in bed when Mark is sleeping.

Lantern lights

I put up these lantern lights to add some warmth to the room.  The chair was given to us by our former neighbors when they were moving out.  It’s where my small and very sentimental, collection of teddy bears (plus one sock monkey) hang out on top of my meditation cushion.

New pillows.

Not the greatest photo, but here are the two, new, patchwork pillows I picked up on Saturday.  The quilt on the bed was a wedding gift from a dear friend and the afghan on the end of the bed was made by my Gram as a way to use left over yarn.

Hanging out in the kitchen, listening to music with Mark while we cook is probably one of my favorite things ever and that’s just what we did on Saturday night.

Taking a nap with four out of six cats and waking up with three of the four cats sleeping somewhere on you is nice too.

And last but not least, Watson being a total cuddlebug all weekend.

I hope you all found some small, good things in your week and if you want to play along, please do and link back to me so I can see what you’ve shared.










































One thought on “Sunday’s Small Good Things.”

  1. What a lovely space, that lamp is so groovy and your quilt’s a beauty. Four cats on the bed? Stephen Squirrel alone seems to take up most of the room in ours, you two must be crushed with that lot sharing! x

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