Sunday’s Small, Good Things

This week was kind of stressful on a personal level, so I was really looking forward to hanging out with my best friend in Burlington, VT for her belated birthday shenanigans. This edition of Sunday’s Small, Good Things is made up of some of things we did Saturday into Sunday.

The cinnamon swirl bread at Great Harvest Bread Company was just warm, delicious, and perfect. Yum!

/Switchback Beer you have been my favorite beer for quite a few years now. I am so happy you are now available in NY, but I still enjoy drinking you in VT as well.

Dancing for three hours to 80’s songs during Retronome. I love to dance and it’s been far too long since I went out for a good butt wiggling.

To the nice man who bought our breakfast this morning, thank you.

The ferry ride was wild on the way over and I was a little scared. The ride was wild today too, but I decided to crank up Steely Dan and focus on the pretty blue sky and the rocking of the boat to calm me.

If you would like to play along for Sunday’s Small, Good Things, please do! Just link back to me so I can see your list!

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