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Sunday’s Small, Good Things.

My weekend was busy and I was exhausted so I couldn’t get to my small, good things yesterday, so today it is!

I started attending a Breath 101 class that’s designed to help with relaxation.  I am hoping to pick up a lot of new tips over the next few weeks.

I was very fortunate to be able to spend the some time with one of my dear friends,Kari over the weekend. We went on a grocery store tour and I got all kinds of neat goodies that I can’t wait to try and share with you all.

One of those things is Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Go on, click the link and see what I have been obsessed with since I opened the jar last night.

Perfect vintage curtains for the attic/ladycave.  I can’t wait to get started on the attic project.  Hopefully sometime in March.

Sorry for such a small list, but a sinus headache is kicking my butt!

If you want to share your own Sunday’s Small, Good Things, please link back to me so I can look at your list.

Sunday’s Small, Good Things.

This was a good week! I managed to take photos of a lot of my small, good things.

One thing that I didn’t get a photo of my Ma’s birthday celebration yesterday. I took my Ma and sister out to lunch and we went shopping. I had a great time!

Earlier in the week, I was left to cook for just myself. When faced with cooking for one, I often come up with open faced sandwiches like this one:  toasted oat nut bread lightly spread with almond butter and topped with caramelized onions and sprinkled with nutritional yeast.  After taking one bite, I decided this would be perfect with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.  Oh, I can’t forget the glass of pinot grigio.  Yum!

My Valentine’s Day outfit! This outfit got a lot of compliments.   I wish you could see how red my tights really are!  Details:  red bowtie-eBay years ago, black vest-retail full price, but I had to have it, black long sleeved tee-thrifted, polka dot skirt-retail clearance, red tights-retail, small Frye boots-online.

We rarely go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.  We would much rather stay in with take out.  This year we got Greek food.

I managed to get a little thrifting in on Saturday.  I picked up some clothes too, but I will show you those tomorrow in my outfit photo.

It looks like my Monster Flower has a girlfriend!  She was part of Saturday’s haul as well.  The photo behind the bottle is of our favorite bar.  A local photographer took it and I bought it for Mark’s as a birthday gift.

Tonight, I am going to curl up with my kitties and my blanket and watch cartoons.  If you want to share your own Sunday’s Small, Good Things, please link back to me so I can look at your list.  Have a great night!

Sunday’s Small, Good Things.

I had a stressful week and add a whole buncha snow on top of that, and you have one frazzled Mandy.   However, there were some small, good things, with the majority of them happening today.

Here’s this week’s list-

I am so happy that Neflix is streaming the 1970’s “Saturday Night Live” episodes, complete with the musical guests.  I am hooked!  I like the shows, but I am really digging watching the musical performances.

DEVO has been invading my mind all week because I watched their perfomance on SNL and now I am a wee bit obsessed.

I broke out all my albums by “The Police” the other night and listened to them back to back.  That was a lot of fun.

Catching up with great friends over dinner.

These people always make my Sundays nice.  I wonder where the other two were.

Spontaneous hashbrown casserole for lunch!  I used a bunch of random ingredients and it turned out well!  The topping was my favorite.  Instead of using a cornflake topping like some do, I crushed up some rice chex cereal and used that as my topping.

An early birthday gift from my Dad:  A set of Pyrex Daisy Cinderella dishes!

A view from the top.

I hope you all found some small, good things in your week and if you want to play along, please do and link back to me so I can see what you’ve shared.

Small, good things on a Sunday: The belated edition.

My weekends have been flying by and I was just too exhausted to type up a post yesterday.  Here’s my small list of small, good things on a Sunday for this past Sunday.


I had the best massage of my life on Saturday.  The therapist I went to did a lot of work on my left shoulder.  I injured my shoulder in a car accident when I was a kid and it hasn’t been right since.  I have a much better range of motion then I did before.  I can’t wait to go back!

I got to socialize with a lot of great ladies over the weekend.  A fancy dress cocktail party on Saturday and then a meet up of my ladies’ potluck group.  I made pineapple cheese casserole!

I didn’t watch more than a few minutes of the Super Bowl.  The only bit I saw was when I came home and went upstairs to talk to Mark while he was watching the game.

If you want to participate in Small, good things on a Sunday, please do and link back to me so I can check out your list!