Sunday’s Small, Good Things.

I had a stressful week and add a whole buncha snow on top of that, and you have one frazzled Mandy.   However, there were some small, good things, with the majority of them happening today.

Here’s this week’s list-

I am so happy that Neflix is streaming the 1970’s “Saturday Night Live” episodes, complete with the musical guests.  I am hooked!  I like the shows, but I am really digging watching the musical performances.

DEVO has been invading my mind all week because I watched their perfomance on SNL and now I am a wee bit obsessed.

I broke out all my albums by “The Police” the other night and listened to them back to back.  That was a lot of fun.

Catching up with great friends over dinner.

These people always make my Sundays nice.  I wonder where the other two were.

Spontaneous hashbrown casserole for lunch!  I used a bunch of random ingredients and it turned out well!  The topping was my favorite.  Instead of using a cornflake topping like some do, I crushed up some rice chex cereal and used that as my topping.

An early birthday gift from my Dad:  A set of Pyrex Daisy Cinderella dishes!

A view from the top.

I hope you all found some small, good things in your week and if you want to play along, please do and link back to me so I can see what you’ve shared.

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  1. O, those Pyrex dishes are to DIE for!
    Meow! I love have my kitties hang about, but it’s been so hot here we hardly see them. A bonus of Winter will be kitty snuggles!
    Hashbrown casserole? That’s different!

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