Regional goodies!

In mid November, I had the opportunity to hangout with my friend Kari at the first of six A Handmade Holiday event. There was so many beautiful things to buy! If you live in the Capital region of New York or are planning to go that way next weekend, I recommend you stop by to do some shopping for the last event they will be having of the season. The event is held in the Frear Building, Fulton Street and 3rd Street, Troy. You can even like Tight Knit’s Facebook page to see photos of the merchandise the vendors have to offer. If I lived closer to Troy, I know I would be there every weekend.

Since I had never been to the Frear Building, I didn’t know there was also a winter’s farmer’s market held at the same time! I took a stroll around The Troy Market located in the Uncle Sam Atrium (49 4th Street, Troy NY). This is an amazing farmer’s market and every single vendor I interacted with was helpful and pleasant. I tasted a lot of delicious regional goodies and bought some things too. My only regret is that I live about 2+ hours away and I can’t shop here more often and I also couldn’t bring home as much as I wanted to.

Here’s what I got left to right. Note Bella the Supervisor:

Regional goodies

Summer cracked corn crackers from Saratoga Crackers.
Spicy maple pepitas from Our Daily Eats (which I plan on adding to my squash soup the next time I make some, per the suggestion from the nice lady at the booth).
Habanero Fire Sour Pickles from Puckers Gourmet. These pickles were some of the best pickles I have ever had! Very spicy and they just taste so fresh! The pickles are long gone now, but I still have the jar in my fridge so I can take a swig of the brine now and again. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more varieties.
Tempeh and Crimson Kraut from Hosta Hill. This was the first time I have ever had such fresh tempeh and I loved it. The Crimson Kraut is good on sandwiches or just a little in a dish. I can’t wait to use it with veggie dogs! Just a note, not all of Hosta Hill fermented products are vegetarian.

I had a great time at the markets that day. I also tried some Brazil nut butter from The Peanut Principle but I didn’t buy any and I wish I would have. Brazil nuts are my favorite and this Brazil nut butter was just delicious. I also regret not buying a gorgeous stalk of Brussels sprouts that I saw.

Thanks for reading! I’ve missed you all so much. A little blog news: I will be posting my long awaited tofu scramble recipie tomorrow as well as telling you all about a giveaway I will be running.

I hope you are all well. I will see you all soon!

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