The October Project-October 29th

October 29th

This is my Halloween costume from tonight. I debated posting it or even telling any backstory about the concept. But, then I remembered why I started the October Project in the first place: to creatively and personally deal with my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Because of this, it’s fitting I chose to use this photo to describe what’s been going on with me during the period of time from the beginning of last year’s October Project to the present. For the sake of brevity, let’s just say, I’ve experienced my fair share of heartbreak during that time period for a variety of reasons that I won’t  share here.

After having no idea what to wear for a costume, I decided at the last minute to dress as the emotion of heartbreak.

There are many reasons for heartbreak. Very few people are fortunate enough to be strangers to it.

Heartbreak. The swelling, suffocating feeling inside your chest that gets stuck in your throat, but somehow manages to break free and end up silently leaking out of your eyes when you least expect it.

Not all heartbreaks mend, but when they do, they build up their own special kind of scar tissue.

It sucks and it hurts, but scars show experience and that you lived through it to tell the tale.

Be proud of that!


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  1. Meant of us bear these scars. Few of us are able to express it so artistically and honestly. Much love xx

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