Sandwich #3

I work very early on Saturday mornings. I am up at 4:30 AM to be behind the mic at 5 AM. Sometimes I neglect to pack breakfast. At that early in the morning, it is easy to rationalize sleeping five more minutes, instead of preparing for the inevitable hunger later on. If I am with […]

Sandwich #1

I decided to go classic for the first sandwich: PB&J, cut diagonally, of course! I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I eat them often and I don’t think you ever grow out of them.  This sandwich was made using Teddy Peanut Butter and crab apple jelly made by my friend Kari. I love crab […]

Jamaican Jerk Eggplant Wraps with Black Beans and Rice

I am a bad blogger.  I have been eating and cooking, but no blogging.  At the moment I am trying to resist getting a cold.  I am also preparing for my first trip overseas.  Next week, my husband and I are flying over to England to attend the wedding of my dear friend.  We will […]